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Inner child healing for releasing trauma

Hello beautiful soul!

Each of us has an inner child who wants and needs to be seen, heard, supported and loved.

Although we may not always be able or willing to hear their voice, we must learn to care for our inner child in order to heal and release emotional pain from the past.

Your inner child can be happy and carefree or sad and gloomy.

A happy inner child leads to an adult life full of...

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Let go of the past otherwise the past will not let go of you

Hello beautiful soul!

What we have experienced in the past leaves an imprint in our mind and the common thread of most of our memories is not about the events themselves, but the meaning they have for us.

Here is an example: two people were abandoned by their parents when they were very young. They both suffered trauma, but one of them undertook a process to understand how and why it happened.

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Heal your relationship with the past

By the time you are reading this, I will have made a 16 hour drive from the UK to Italy.

I am writing this honest and revealing post to give you my true story to illustrate what I have been through and to see if it resonates to any varying degree with what you may have been through.

If you don’t know it yet, I was born in a tiny little town in the district of Venice in Italy, which is...

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The inner child and the emotional wounds

The inner child carries the thoughts, attitudes and emotional experiences formed in childhood. 

The Inner Child conditions, with its past baggage, the life choices of the adult.

In other words, our action is influenced by the decisions we made with the logic we had when we were little. Therefore, the wounds we have suffered may have caused us to adopt some protective behaviours, which may...

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