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Can time really heal all wounds?

Hello beautiful soul!

There are sorrows so intense that they tear the soul is as if we have fallen into a deep abyss with a difficult way out.

In these situations, it is said that time heals all wounds, but is it really true?

Life is made up of ups and downs and everyone, in their own uniqueness, experiences them differently. The truth is that sometimes it is difficult to overcome complex situations because the sea of emotions overwhelms us. So, we never know where to start.

We have always been told that time heals all wounds. I personally don't believe this statement.

We can’t expect wounds to heal just by letting time pass, if that was true, everyone would be healed from past negative events and trauma easily and effortlessly, but if you think about it, this is not always the case.

To heal emotional wounds, we need something more than time...we need commitment, strength, courage, self-love, self-care, self-compassion and energy.

We need to take action towards our emotional health.

Time does not heal all wounds, it hides them

Facing the difficult situation of reliving a trauma from the past is not always easy, as we may not want to feel that pain again. So we prefer to focus on other activities, so not to think about the past pain, and to move away from triggers that may remind us of unpleasant situations. 

Thinking in this way can help us to keep our emotions and thoughts at bay.

There are pains that are difficult to express, pains that we cannot label, that slip away when we try to put them into words. In these cases, we can try to pack up the pain and send it to the furthest place in our memory.

This is a defence mechanism. It drives away and removes desires, feelings, and thoughts from consciousness. 

Time does not pass when we have a passive attitude

By giving time a healing power, we attribute our own responsibility to an external factor. It is as if we let events accumulate on a book that we have to return to the library in the hope that, once given away, the unpleasant events will be eliminated from our life.

The great danger of proceeding in this way is that what remains buried does not stop eroding our motivation, weighing down our will or penalising our goals. Thus, we may reach a point where we continue to hurt ourselves without being able to identify what is hurting us because we have buried it within ourselves.

It can also happen that we give time a leading role that it does not really have. This means belittling all those strategies we have managed to put in place to identify and bring out the scars that hurt us.

This can be an obstacle to overcome future difficulties and reusing strategies that were successful in the past. This attitude may also undermine our self-esteem.

Following that the idea that time heals all wounds can be our worst enemy because it prevents us from moving forward, on a psychological level, in choosing coping strategies.

Instead of waiting for time to heal all wounds, put your energy into dealing with what happened and into healing wounds from the past.

Focus on your healing, focus on what you want to release, focus on what you really want, and try your best to listen to what your emotions are telling you.

Healing is different for everyone.

It is personal and unique, and everyone will have a different experience from anybody else.

Everyone is exactly where they need to be even if it doesn’t make sense or if it doesn’t feel fair at the time in question.

But, I encourage you to practice self-care and discover what works best for you and your journey, for example:

- Practice positive self-talk
- Talk about your experiences
- Express your feelings
- Listen to your emotions
- Cultivate self-love
- Set up healthy boundaries (protect your space and energy)

Take the time you need to process your emotions and the experiences you went through (and/or going through), otherwise, the journey will be bumpy and overwhelming.

You can start this process by following these 5 steps where I share how to listen to your emotions and the message behind them so that you can take action towards your emotional wellbeing.

I am interested in what you think, do you believe time heals all wounds? Let me know what you think.

Love, Carlotta


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