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I am making a commitment to self-healing.

Before we can commit to a goal, we must first assess our willingness to commit to ourselves.

To accomplish so, we must first determine how much we desire a goal, how much we want to heal, how much we want to achieve something amazing in life.


Get to know yourself and what you truly want. 


What does it mean to be committed to yourself?


  • It is expressing your needs.
  • It is standing by what you believe.
  • It is being true to yourself.
  • It is showing up for yourself every day and making time for your health, joy, and well-being.
  • It is being honest with yourself.
  • It is learning to say ‘no’ when you don’t feel a ‘yes', and learning to say ‘Yes!’ to the things that feel good.
  • It is being gentle with yourself.
  • It is forgiving yourself for past mistakes (and future ones too).


Are you ready to heal? Are you committed to your healing?


If yes, repeat the following statements and feel the power that making a commitment to yourself brings.


"It is time to make a sincere commitment to my own healing. That is a promise I am willing to make. I have decided to take my self-healing to the next level.


I am ready to purge my pantry of any foods that don't support my best health goals. I only eat foods that are high in nutrients. 

I commit to a regular fitness routine. I go to great lengths to maintain my physical well-being. I commit to becoming healthy and strong on a regular basis.


I do the same thing with my mind's cupboards. I get rid of all of my out-of-date beliefs. I keep any negative thoughts out of my cupboards.

When I notice that I fall into old emotional patterns, I pull myself out of those ruts immediately. I am getting better and better at that.


I give myself credit for being able to quickly change my feelings and thoughts. 


I broaden my horizons. I only hang out with amazing individuals. I listen to the world's top transformational teachers. I only read uplifting material. 


I am so grateful for everything I have done to heal my past. I am dedicated to bettering myself every day.

As I commit to self-healing today, I now know that healing is a lifelong process and that LIFE is a form of practice for me. I learn from my experiences."


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What commitments do I need to make today for my greatest transformation and healing?
  2. In which area of my life do I need the greatest Self-Healing?
  3. What do I need to do to keep my commitments to myself?
  4. What is necessary to be more accountable to me?


Love, Carlotta


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