Healing Your Inner Child Workshop 

Can you imagine how liberating it would be to be free to live your life without worrying about what other people thought?

To be able to completely immerse yourself in the present moment and feel genuine joy?

Laughing at the smallest things.

Being totally absorbed in what you are doing and not feel any pain.

Looking forward to each day and all it has to offer?

To live in the present moment rather than in the past.

All of this and more is totally achievable by healing your inner child.

The Inner Child work is a journey into the suppressed unconscious mind – the wounded part of the Self. The inner child carries the pain, traumas, and suffering not yet healed from childhood and it can affect our adulthood.

Whenever you feel frustrated, sad, anxious, or stressed, the inner child is sending you a very clear message, she wants to be heard, listened to, supported, and loved by you.

Your current life circumstances could be a reflection of prior pain in the form of...

Feeling trapped
Rocky relationships
Mood swings
Saying “yes” when you want to say “no”
Feelings of panic
Low self-esteem
Negative Self-Talk

Experiencing the above can be a way that your inner child lets you know that she needs healing. Your inner child wants you to connect with her and hug her. She needs you to listen and help.

The 'Healing Your Inner Child' workshop you will discover how to go within to find and nurture your unloved inner child.

The ‘healing the inner child workshop’ is hosted on FB in a dedicated and private group where, 1 day a week, for 3 consecutive weeks, I will guide you into reconnecting with your inner child, acknowledging her, and learning to understand, accept, and nurture the deepest part of yourself, the inner Child.

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