The 5-Step Formula


...and learn to shift and release the ones that no longer serve you?



The 5-step formula to get started on your healing journey!

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Sometimes we may feel confused in the face of our emotions.

Our inner world speaks to us through sensations, images, and emotions, and it is important to listen to what our emotions are trying to tell us.

When we become aware of what we are holding on to, we can begin to take the necessary steps to release them so that we can achieve emotional balance, set healthy boundaries, have better relationships with others and with ourselves, feeling happier.

Understanding why we are sometimes blind to our emotions helps us to see what is going on inside of us and to act with greater awareness. To do this, there are various techniques that lead to a better understanding of ourselves.

I am going to be totally honest with you, letting go of old pain is not easy as it requires you to face your fears and insecurities.

Releasing unwanted negative emotions can be challenging and you may think that it’s maybe easier to keep holding on to those emotions because in some way it’s less painful, right?

I have done that in the past...I was uncomfortably living in the comfort of my uncomfortable emotions, it was the easy choice because I was too afraid of re-living painful memories.

The thing is, I believe that everyone has the right to be happy and to experience emotional balance in life.

We are not on this earth to be unhappy, but if we are, then we must change it.

We must come back to our true self and make the most out of this life.

We owe it to ourselves.

We are not stuck, we are always moving and evolving, we just have to make the decision to go towards the right direction, forward rather than backward.

Change comes from within.

Make the conscious decision that today you are going to do something positive and meaningful toward improving your emotions!


  • Understanding your emotions is essential for your emotional and physical well-being. Emotions are your body’s ways of communicating with you about what is going on, and what needs to change.
  • Suppressing emotions is like pouring your emotions like water into a bottle, then putting the lid on and not going back to it.⁠

    However, like the bottle, you can only hold in, push down and shut away a certain amount of emotions before they all come spilling out. Like the water overflowing the bottle.⁠

    When these emotions eventually spoil over, you don't have any control over how they come out, and you are now sitting with a whole bunch of stored up emotions, that have got more intense over time.⁠
  • By becoming aware of what emotions you may be struggling with, you can start to take the necessary steps towards letting them go. The more you let go of negative emotions, the more space you create for positive ones.
  • Emotions tell us how we are doing, and they protect us from harm.

What are you going to learn in this mini course?

  • How to tap into your emotions and identify which ones you are still holding on to.
  • The reasons behind unwanted emotions and how to release them so that you can be happy with yourself.
  • The underlying cause of negative emotions.
  • How to use important healing techniques that will help you release the emotions that are stopping you from having a positive emotional life.
  • A simple 5-step process to make the best of your life.
  • 1 x Meditation to help you release stress from mind and body.
  • 1 x Workbook to use alongside the 5 steps.

This 5-step formula is for you if:


You have been feeling anxious or fearful and don't know the reason why.

You are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself.

You want to move on and let go but are unsure how.

You want to release past emotional wounds and release them.


Today's Price= FREE!

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Hi beautiful soul!

I am Carlotta and I have been an emotional healing practitioner for over 10 years, trained in EFT, NLP, Bach Flower Remedies, Kinesiology and I am currently furthering my skill set by completing a degree in Psychology.

I like to write about the meaning of emotions on various outlets including Medium and Thrive Global.

Through my own life experiences, coupled with my training, I now support clients who have experienced childhood trauma, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, low self-worth, and negative thought patterns.

I help women release painful emotions and guide them to break free from past trauma and to live a fulfilling, positive and happy life. 

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