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Hi, I am Carlotta!

I am a multi-certified emotional healing practitioner using various healing modalities to help you release painful emotions, past emotional wounds, childhood trauma, and finally experience joy and emotional freedom. 

Because the truth is...now is the time to break free from the past and emotional pain to live your best life ever.

There are many reasons you may be here, but ultimately, you are here because you want to feel happier.



♡ Imagine how your life would be if you weren’t holding on to emotions like anxiety, sadness, fear, or anger. 


♡ Imagine being able to easily let go of past hurt and trauma and live life fully present. 


♡ Imagine not reliving the pain of past issues and being able to move forward confidently into your ideal future. 


♡ Imagine making decisions from choice rather than fear.


I will help you to let go of the past, allowing yourself to make peace with it and to learn the lesson the past taught you, to release negative emotions that have been holding you back and stopping you from enjoying your life, breaking through your limiting beliefs, addressing and releasing past hurt and trauma.


I will show you how to get to the bottom of what is causing you to feel fearful, anxious, or sad so that you can shift these emotions with ease.

 I will teach you how to cultivate self-love as it allows you to set boundaries and practice self-acceptance. 

Programs and Workshops

Heal Your Inner Child Workshop

Your inner child carries the thoughts, trauma, and emotional experiences formed in childhood. ⁠

Whenever you feel sad, frustrated, or when you get triggered, your inner child is telling you that healing is needed.

This workshop will help you to connect, understand and nurture this important part of yourself so that you can heal.


Heal Within Program

Heal Within is the all-in-one self-paced course that will help you dive deep into your emotions so that you can understand, shift and release them with ease and finally move forward.

It teaches you to become aware of what emotions you are holding on to, understand when and why they started to manifest in your life, as well as how to let them go from your mind and body.


1-2-1 Healing Package

Work with me for 3 months where you will have my full support.

The sessions are for those who are moving through all kinds of challenges, including:

Excessive worry, fear, sadness, anxiety and guilt

Childhood emotional wounds

Letting go and forgiveness



...and to shift and release the ones that no longer serve you?

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"Carlotta is a gifted practitioner. Her approach, rich of warmth and generosity, helped me to navigate with serenity through some delicate and painful moments. Her sessions have been very useful for my healing process, to release tension and to put some light on the blocks I had. Carlotta took my by hand in a very supportive and caring way through this journey."

Giulia M.

"I had several 30-min distant kinesiology sessions with Carlotta and every time she managed to fix my problem, whether it was physical or emotional. I recommended Carlotta to my partner to try a session as he hasn’t been sleeping at all lately due to emotional stress. Since the treatment he has been sleeping much better and the stress level has decreased significantly. I don’t know how she does it, but she is amazing!!"

Chiara B.

"Carlotta is a naturally empathic and intuitive person who helped me work through limiting beliefs and remove them from my programming. Her insights and gentle care enabled me to shift a number of very deep concerns that were affecting my emotional state. I can honestly say she has been transformative in my life and her distant healing sessions have been a lifesaver. I have finally let go of old beliefs and I am 100% ready to move forward and embrace my new me."

Jane M.

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